Monday, July 13, 2015

Elkins, West Virginia: Dear, Hun, and a whole lot of "Ya'll"

Hello everyone!

This week certainly was quite busy. It's difficult to remember everything that we did because we did so much. There was definitely a lot of teaching and a lot of rainfall. Where to begin... where to begin?

Since I totally failed to state where I was in the last email, my area is Elkins, West Virginia. We cover an interesting area with a large variety of people and living situations. There are many points in the area where there will be very small trailer homes on one side of the street and large houses just on the other side. The people here are wonderful on all sides.

We have quite a few amazing investigators out here who are progressing readily and steadily. For most of them the only issue that is holding them back from progressing is their addiction to tobacco. It has been really difficult to see how ready and excited they are but how discouraged they become when they aren't able to overcome their addictions. To help support them, Sister Moeai and myself are both going to abstain from our own food "addictions". For anyone who knows me really well you can guess what I'm going to try and abstain from... Goodbye pasta! We'll see how well I do with breaking away from that marvelous dish.

In other news, I have already started picking up the accent around here. I'm not really surprised, but it makes me laugh. We'll be in the middle of a lesson and suddenly the accent will come out of nowhere. The investigators don't seem to notice too much, but it surprises me every time. By the time Christmas comes around I'll probably have a full blown accent.

I hope everything is going well and I wish you all the best!

Sister Thyme Nash

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