Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elkins, West Virginia: Cabbage, a Picnic, and Rainbows from Rainstorms

27 July 2015
Hello anyone and everyone, 

This past week has definitely been a crazy one in my area. It was one of those weeks that were so busy that they flew by. One moment it was Monday; I blinked, and it was Sunday. Even with all the craziness though, it was a wonderful week. 

Monday went pretty well. We had a district-wide P-day, so we all got together as a district and played volleyball. We also celebrated a birthday which involved quite a bit of eating and celebratory singing/blowing out candles. After the celebration, the Elders in our area, my companion, and I helped one of our less-active members move. She lives closer to the church now, so hopefully she'll be able to come more. 

Tuesday was a busy day of teaching and service for one of our investigators. It was great to be able to serve some more and continue to stay busy. 

Wednesday consisted of some community service at Catholic Charities. They give food to those in need, so it is always wonderful to help out with that. They received some food donations that day, so we were helping organize and put all of those away. After we had put some Walmart donations away, a rather large amount of cabbage and cucumbers from the prison was dropped off. The cucumbers were ridiculously long, and every head of cabbage was larger than my head. It got to the point where we were trying to convince everyone who came in to take a bag of cucumbers and cabbage. 

Thursday was spent preparing for a ward activity later on in the day. The ward was having a Pioneer Picnic. We had a pretty good turn out. Some of our investigators were able to come, and it was awesome to see them and the ward members bonding and getting along. The area where we had the picnic was absolutely gorgeous on top of that. 

On Friday we had a district meeting and taught, taught, and taught. 

Saturday was our rainstorm day, though not in a literal sense. While the clouds did not darken and a torrent of rain did not come down from the sky, certain events lead our spirits to be slightly weighed down with our own storm clouds. We were dropped by three investigators who we thought were progressing quite well. Both times they said that they liked having us come over, but they were happy with where they were and what they had. We tried to stay positive, but the experiences really weighed on our hearts. 

Sunday, however, was our rainbow day. While none of our investigators made it to church, we had a large turn out of less-active members. It was absolutely wonderful to see the chapel fill up and to see the smiles on their faces when they entered. After that we were able to pick up three new investigators and receive some referrals from some really amazing less-actives. Not only did we have all those blessings, but we were also able to get one of our investigators on date for baptism. 

Sometimes we have to go through the rainstorms in life in order to see the rainbows. This was definitely true for the ending of our week. Though our "hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us," (Alma 26:27). We were blessed way more than we could have hoped for because we relied on our Heavenly Father and continued on with faith. We wanted to turn back, but we pressed forward and continued teaching. When we are met with challenges, we must be patient and look forward to the blessings in store for us with a firm hope that we will obtain these blessings. 

I love you all! I hope that everything is going well wherever you are, and I hope that you will be able to experience many rainbow days. 
Sister Thyme Nash


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