Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elkins, West Virginia: Fireside, Cooking, and the Epic Adventure of Two Sick Sister Missionaries

3 Aug 2015
Hello everyone! 

This past week has been quite the adventure for my companion and myself. Yesterday, August 2nd, we had a fireside that we were hosting, so the majority of our week was devoted to preparing for the fireside and to teaching the wonderful people here in Elkins. 

The fireside ended up turning out quite well. Our theme was "Hold to the Rod" based on the story of the Iron Rod in 1 Nephi 8 in the Book of Mormon. We started with an activity where we took over 1,000 feet of twine and wrapped it all around and through the church. We then blindfolded the people there and had them hold onto the twine, following it. All the while they had people trying to persuade them to let go of the twine and others informing them of possible approaching dangers (tree limbs, curbs, etc.). The whole idea behind the activity was to represent life. Those trying to persuade represented the temptations of the world, while those trying to guide represented the Holy Ghost. The twine was the Iron Rod (a representation of the word of God) and showed the way back home. It was a very powerful experience. We then had a couple of speakers who did an outstanding job discussing what the Iron Rod is and the importance of it. 

The only downside of the week is what I like to call "The Epic Adventure of Two Sick Sister Missionaries". On Tuesday evening, I came down with a pretty bad cold; however, we continued powering through and I managed to keep going by keeping myself stocked on tissues and cold medicine. On Friday, I woke up with little to no symptoms; however, Sister Moeai woke up with a terrible migraine, so half of our day was spent staying home. The next day my cold came back with full force. I'm convinced it left on Friday just so I could help my companion with her migraine. By the time the fireside rolled around on Sunday, my cold symptoms were gone, but Sister Moeai had gotten my cold and was still dealing with mild migraines. She is still not feeling well, but I'm hoping she'll feel better within a day or two. 

All in all it has been a pretty good week. Don't expect another exciting update of my life until Wednesday of next week because next week is a transfer week, so my P-day isn't until Wednesday. I wish you all the best and hope life is treating you well! 

Sister Thyme Nash

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