Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elkins, West Virginia: Transfer Week, Hospital Visits Galore, and the Adventures of Four Missionaries Going on a Hike

12 Aug 2015
Hello all! 

It has been a pretty great, though slightly hectic, week and a half. We have been keeping ourselves super busy with teaching all of the people out here! Just kidding... but we have been keeping ourselves busy with teaching. There's nothing too significant to report on that front. All of the people we are teaching are progressing slowly but surely. 

We did end up going to the hospital quite a bit this past week. Don't worry; my companion and I are perfectly fine. Someone in the ward had a baby so we went to visit that family a few times. We also tried to visit a couple of others who had recently been admitted to the hospital for various reasons. They're all doing well now, but it was odd how many times we ended up going out there. 

The highlight of the week was probably this morning. One of our ward members to both the Elders and Sister here in Elkins to go hiking. It is absolutely gorgeous out here. We went up Bickles Knob and climbed a fire tower. We also trekked through the woods a ways to find a couple of caves. It was extremely fun and absolutely beautiful. It's amazing to look out at nature and think about how God created all of it. There is not a day that passes here where I don't remark how beautiful the sky and trees are. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. 

I hope that everyone is doing well! Stay amazing! Stay in school! Always say please and thank you! Wash behind your ears! 

Never forget that you are a beloved child of our Heavenly Father! 

Sister Thyme Nash

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